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Model: IK-N30-F

Price:   $1,295

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This comprehensive Nissan Navara front mount intercooler upgrade includes a 280x300x75mm core bar and plate intercooler, 2.25” alloy mandrel bent piping, silicone hoses and clamps.  The intercooler kit is intended to suit factory turbo kits and enhances the airflow potential and boost the cooling capacity of charged air.

Installation tip: You will have to hole-saw a 55mm hole in the bull bar mount for our pipework to fit through. Some of the model bull bars we have seen have a window already in the bar at this location, we have fitted a lot of these kits with no problems as yet. If you are concerned you could put a gusset in the bar to strengthen it up after cutting the hole.

HPD front mount intercooler kits are purpose built to have a massive cooling capacity which results in improved power, torque and reliability. This kit is tailor made for the Navara and includes a specific heat exchanger to eliminate heat soak from high under bonnet temperatures, resulting in greater performance, consistency and sustainable power.
All HPD kits are designed to be easily installed with basic workshop tools, but with our dealer network Australia-wide, installation is a quick and easy process.

Kit features:

  • 280x300x75mm core bar and plate intercooler
  • 2.25” alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Silicone hoses and clamps