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Model: IK-TH1KZ-F

Price:   $1,295

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This Toyota Hilux front mount intercooler kit (02-05) includes a 400x210x76mm core bar and plate intercooler, 2” alloy piping, high quality silicone hoses and clamps. The kit is designed to replace a regular standard factory unit and give greater airflow potential resulting in increased performance. Installation of this intercooler kit can boost engine power by a whopping 10-20% over standard engine power.

HPD have formulated this front mount intercooler kit for the purpose of providing greater cooling capacity. The kit incorporates a vehicle specific heat exchanger that allows the reduction of both inlet temperatures and engine running temperatures, resulting in increased performance, reliability and consistency and sustainable power.

All HPD intercooler kits are designed to match leading aftermarket turbo kits that do not already include an option for intercooling, allowing you to experience increases in performance, stability and fuel efficiency.

All HPD kits are designed to be easily installed with basic workshop tools, but with our dealer network Australia-wide, installation is a quick and easy process.

Kit features:

  • 400x210x76mm core bar and plate intercooler
  • 2” alloy piping, high quality silicone hoses and clamps
  • 10-20% power increase
  • Quick and easy installation