Service Centre

HPD Service Centre offers a wide range of services, from log book servicing through to performance upgrades and tuning of you 4WD turbo diesel.

 HPD has some of the most advanced software and hardware available for flash tuning factory ECU's , giving us the ability to adjust nearly every parameter on a vehicle from the fuel injectors, injector timing and rail pressure right through to DPF removal and EGR removals along with rev limiter increase, top speed limiter removals and fully customized tunes whether you are chasing power, torque or economy, we can do it all .

 Flash tuning also has great benefits from up to 40% increases in power and torque but also has huge benefits in economy with up to 10% from fill to fill.  Another added bonus of this system is a lot of vehicles can be tuned via the OBDii port in the cabin, however some will need the ECU removed and tuned by our hardware, but our team are expertly trained so rest assured your ECU is in great hands.

 HPD are also a Unichip Agent for those whom want something transferable to their next vehicle or just like the fact they can remove it at any time.  Unichip offers, Live Tuning, Injector timing, Injector volume, boost control and rail pressure, not to mention built in safety features like water temp correction, and the new standard feature of a throttle response booster. Unichip can have up to 5 different maps. –Using a map select switch or a blue tooth switch, different maps can be from an immobilizer map, high torque, mild power, and towing.

The Unichip has a 95% chance it will be transferable to your next vehicle.

 Don’t forget HPD can install all of our parts including intercooler kits, oil catch can kits, turbocharger kits and high flow air intakes, and then set them up in house with our 4WD dyno, ensuring ultimate reliability and performance.