Products for latest D-Max & BT-50

HPD's legendary Australian made Transcooler and Catch Can kits are now available for the latest Isuzu D-Max / Mazda BT-50. Ensure peace-of-mind with an extra level of protection for your engine and transmission.

  • ISUZU DMAX 2021+
  • MAZDA BT-50 2021+

  • Why Choose HPD Products for your D-Max & BT-50? Transcooler Kits

    Keep your transmission operating under safe and stable temperatures with a HPD Transcooler Kit. Especially if you're towing, a HPD Transcooler Kit will reduce peak oil temperatures generated by the extra load on your transmission and reduce wear.

    Kit includes every part you need

      Transcooler Kit Key Benefits:

    • Reduced & stabilised temperatures
    • Prolonged transmission oil life
    • Reduces strain on transmission
    • Better fuel economy
    • Extends transmission life
    Tried & Tested

    In our rigorous testing on the dyno under the harshest conditions, we recorded a drop in transmission oil temperature of 13°C despite a rise in ambient air temperature of 10°C after installation.

    recording trans temps on dyno
    HPD Transcooler kits include every part you need for a quality installation
    Transcooler Kit features:

    • Bar & Plate core 300x200x50mm
    • Australian made, precision-machined billet tanks & fittings
    • Lasercut stainless steel mounting brackets
    • Detailed instructions

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    Catch Can Kits Neat OE Look installation
    Extra engine protection for your D-Max is now available with our famous HPD diesel catch can kit. It features:

    • Catch can machined from 6061 Billet alloy
    • Dipstick for checking oil levels
    • Screw-on reservoir easy to remove and empty
    • Laser-cut 3mm thick corrosion-resistant stainless steel brackets
    • Quality hoses are fuel, oil and heat resistant
    • Everything needed for an easy, factory-look installation, including comprehensive instructions
    • 100% compliant with ADR and emissions regulations - No venting into the atmosphere
    Catch Can Kit for BT-50/D-Max

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