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Fabricating intercooler tanks

High Performance Diesel (HPD) is a leading Australian manufacturer of performance parts for turbo-diesel vehicles, with a focus on four-wheel drives.

76 series landcruiser76 series landcruiser

Australian manufacturing using the latest CNC technologyAustralian manufacturing using the latest CNC technology

With a talented team of fabricators, engineers, the latest-tech machining and robotics, HPD have a proud, can-do culture of producing as much as possible in-house.

Our objective is to develop and manufacture the highest quality, great-looking parts that are easy to install and get the most out of your vehicle for years to come.

Parts include:

  • intercoolers
  • transmission coolers
  • catch cans
  • air intake kits
  • boost controllers
  • turbo upgrade kits + more

HPD have products to support all performance parameters: outright power, improved driveability, increased towing ability or optimum efficiency.


Company founder, David Mitchell, started his automotive industry journey by fabricating and machining parts for racing cars as a paid hobby. Growing demand for David’s work inspired him to established Autosport Engineering (ASE) in 1999.

The company rapidly gained success and recognition for producing beautifully designed and meticulously crafted parts in the turbo motorsport and streetcar scene.

Constantly innovating and striving to be ahead of the curve, David foresaw the demand for performance parts in the four-wheel drive market, establishing ASE as of one the earliest aftermarket manufacturers to support diesel four-wheel drives.

As demand (and profitability) for diesel 4WD parts outstripped performance car parts, ASE metamorphosed into HPD in 2010.

HPD was recognised for their ongoing commitment and support of local jobs in Edwardstown with an Innovation award from the City of Marion in 2021

City of Marion AwardCity of Marion Award

Capricorn Million Dollar Supplier

In the same year, HPD also achieved Capricorn Million Dollar Supplier status, a milestone that was accomplished in only two years.

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