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HPD Transmission coolers effectively lower transmission temperatures Transmission coolers
HPD transmission coolers lower temperatures

Proven to Reduce Transmission Destroying Temps

Transmission cooler testing

Tried & Tested

HPD Transcoolers are extremely popular because they are proven to reduce transmission destroying temperatures.

In our thorough dyno testing of a 2021 Isuzu D-Max, we recorded a drop in the transmission oil temperature of 13°C.

This significant temperature reduction was achieved despite a rise in ambient air temperature of 10°C after the transcooler was installed later in the day.

Transmission cooler testing

Even better cooling in real-world environments

Some customers report even better results. For example David’s Scan Gauge III showed an incredible 52°C reduction in transmission oil temperature towing his 24ft caravan.

Without a HPD Transcooler, David’s transmission oil temperature was a frightening 116°C towing his 2600kg caravan up a hill.

After fitting a HPD Transcooler, David recorded his transmission oil temperature at 64°C, driving up the same hill on a 26°C day.

HPD Transmission cooler radically reduces transmission oil temperatures HPD Transmission cooler radically reduces transmission oil temperatures
HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

Hard Core Performance

The only 50mm thick oil cooler core on the market!

HPD transcooler's highly durable Bar and Plate core offers more than twice the surface area of most competitor’s transmission cooler units for superior cooling performance.

Its durability is a result of its construction from solid sections of aluminium bar, sandwiching rows of fin and braised in a furnace to form a highly robust, solidly bonded unit.

50mm thick bar and plate core

Less added load on transmission pumps

HPD's unique bar and plate core transmission coolers also provide the benefit of less load on your vehicle's transmission pump.

Fitting auxillary transmission coolers increases the effort required for the transmission pump to circulate fluid through the transmission system. HPD cores create less fluid restriction in your transmisson than regular stacked plate or tube and fin type cores.

50mm thick bar and plate core
HPD Catch cans are environentally friendly

CNC machined tanks & fittings

Australian made cnc macined fittings on HPD Transcoolers

Precision machining

Tanks and fittings are a thing of beauty and are a testament to HPD’s relentless attention to detail, all precision-manufactured in-house and CNC machined from solid billet alloy. The thinnest section of tanks are 3mm thick to withstand high fluid pressures and impact from rocks and other debris.

Mounting brackets are lasercut from 3mm thick, 304 grade stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion.

Australian made cnc macined fittings on HPD Transcoolers

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