Next Gen Ford Ranger v6 Diesel catch can intercooler transmission cooler

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oil collected in catch can
Next Gen Ford Ranger Catch Can V6 Diesel

Catch Cans

safe crankcase pressure

SAFE crankcase pressures

no replacement filters required

SERVICEABLE - No replacement filters required

100% emissions compliant

100% Emissions Compliant

The Next Gen V6 Ranger Diesel is a heavy-breather! During testing the catch can needed emptying after only 2000km! Don’t delay, safely stop your intake system gunking up with a HPD Catch Can.

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HPD over 200% bigger than OEM intercooler Next Gen Ford Ranger Catch Can V6 Diesel


lower EGTs

LOWER intake temps + running temps with clean air fuel ratios

Intercooler unlocks you're vehicles potential

UNLOCK the potential to tune for big power & better fuel economy and increased torque for towing

100% emissions compliant

ENGINEERED for maximum durability and reliable off-road performance

Featuring a heavy-duty Bar & Plate core with cast alloy tanks, upgrade the leak-prone OEM unit with a HPD intercooler for a huge 222% increase in volume and 247% extra cooling surface area.

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Expected delivery mid to late April

Ford Ranger V6 Diesel transmission cooler Next Gen Ford Ranger Catch Can V6 Diesel


Lower transmission killing heat

REDUCE excessive transmission wear due to increased temps from towing & hard driving

Upgrade the coolant fed factory transmission oil cooler to a bigger, more reliable air-cooled HPD unit for reduced/stable temperatures on the busy 10 speed transmission. Featuring Bar & Plate core with tanks and fittings machined from billet alloy.

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