For a limited time only choose from a FREE HPD Hoodie or up to $50 OFF FREIGHT with each order when you purchase an intercooler kit directly from HPD.

Like all HPD products, our heavy-weight Hoodies are top quality. They're so warm and comfy, you'll probably have to get another one for when your significant other steals it.


Maximum Quality & Durability

Australian made HPD Intercooler kits are made to last. Only using the best materials and production technologies. All HPD Intercooler kits have fittings and bracketry made in-house and include every hose, pipe, nut bolt and washer required for installation, including detailed instructions.
Hard Core - Bar & Plate

HPD Intercooler’s solid foundation is the Bar and Plate core. For tackling hours of rough tracks and corrugated roads, Tube and Fin cores simply don’t compare when it comes to handling violent movement, constant vibration or impact from road debris.
Complete After-Sales Support

When you buy a HPD product, you're fully supported by our team. For any queries, we're only a phone call or a DM away. In the unlikely event that our workmanship should fail, we'll send you everything you need to get your ride back on (or off) the road.

Watch the short video about how our after-sale support resolved Matt's 9-month ordeal with his Colorado.

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