Catch Can Kits For GWM Cannon

GWM Great Wall Motors Cannon with engine protected by Diesel Catch Can



With tough styling, respectable suspension and drivetrain refinement as well as high equipment levels, the great-value-for-money GWM Cannon is becoming a popular site on our roads. A stand-out candidate for HPD support, an easy-to-install, robust and durable HPD diesel catch can kit is now available with all the famous HPD features:

  • Catch can machined from 6061 Billet alloy
  • Dipstick for checking oil levels
  • Screw-on reservoir easy to remove and empty
  • Laser-cut 3mm thick corosion-resistant stainless steel brackets
  • Quality hoses are fuel, oil and heat resistant
  • Load-rated clamps
  • Everything needed for an easy, factory-look installation, including comprehensive instructions
  • 100% compliant with ADR and emissions regulations - No venting into the atmosphere

GWM Cannon protected by diesel catch can

The HPD catch can protects turbo-diesel engines by precipitating oil vapour from the crankcase breather before it reaches the engine’s intake. This oil vapour would otherwise be carried throughout the intake, lining the intercooler and reducing its efficiency.

Even more critically, if not caught in the catch can, the oil vapour from the breather combines with soot from combustion to form a sticky deposit that builds up to the point that it restricts the engine’s breathing, leading to a costly cleanup.

Unlike many competing products, the HPD catch can does not require expensive filter replacements. Nor does it place back pressure on the engine’s crankcase breather system, which can lead to premature rear main seal failures – another expensive repair.

Crucially, this means HPD catch cans do not require a vent to relieve pressure. Venting the breather to the atmosphere is not permitted under Australian Design Rules, meaning that the HPD catch can is legal and roadworthy in all states of Australia and better for the environment.


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