Mavrick's Magnificent Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Pajero with HPD font mount intercooler

Mavrick doesn't follow the herd. With his fresh, unique approach to off-roading and adventure, he's performed suspension mods that possibly no other Paj owner has done.

The lofty ground clearance is a result of a massive 7 inch lift, achieved by a 4 inch subframe drop and 3 inch suspension lift, high-rolling on Maxxis 37s.

Way cooler EGT. Especially on the beach, I notice a difference

Mavrick chose HPD's big Series 2 intercooler because "I’ve been told through word of mouth that it’s the best route for quality and price for the paj compared to other brands," he explained.

HPD units are located far higher than the low-mounted, damage-prone stacked plate OEM units that often split, leaking boost and allow water to enter in wet conditions. They are supplied with every part you need for a neat, factory-look DIY installation.

With an increase of 29% in surface area cooling, and 50% more charge air cooling volume, the HPD intercooler substantially lowers Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT) meaning a cooler-running engine, better performance, especially when the engine is working hard, during towing for example, plus probably most importantly, you can safely tune the 4M41 motor for significantly more power.

Often overlooked by hard-core off-roaders, monocoque Mitsubishi's are lighter relative to their key competitors and it's independent suspension means Pajero passengers might not get thrown around the cabin as violently as the occupants of rigs with solid axles when tackling tough terrain. They also ride and handle really well on the bitument, where vehicles spend most of the time.

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