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David Mitchell Receives Innovation Award

David Mitchell Receives Innovation Award

We were honoured to be visited by the City of Marion Mayor Kris Hanna to present the owner of HPD & ZERO Automotive David Mitchell with an Innovation Award recognising his ongoing commitment to supporting jobs in the Edwardstown area.

Want to know more and view the the behind-the-scenes video and photos of this memorable occasion?

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The Truth About Fake HPD Parts

Fake HPD Products are inferior quality and can put your vehicle at risk or expensive damage

Imitation may be regarded as the sincerest form of flattery, but frankly, it’s the type of adulation we’d rather do without. Combating companies creating counterfeit HPD products is an ongoing problem we’ve been tackling for several years at considerable expense.

Worse than that, when ruthless operators unlawfully put our HPD brand on inferior parts to make a quick buck, it undermines the enormous commitment to our number one objective: to locally manufacture parts of the highest quality, durability and performance.

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Top Mount Vs Front Mount Intercoolers

Top Mount Vs Front Mount Intercoolers - Epic Battle

So, top mounted or front mounted intercooler? If you’ve worked on vehicles you will know, there’s rarely a simple answer (or fix) to anything let alone this hot topic. This topic is even more loaded in the off-road 4x4 world, where there are a wider variety of issues to consider than on the road and racetrack.

In this article we'll explore the pros and cons of both Top Mounted Intercoolers (TMIC) and Front Mounted Intercoolers (FMIC) for 4x4’s, so when it comes time to upgrade your intercooler, you can make the most informed decision.

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Here’s the Scoop on HPD Bonnet Scoops

HPD high durability superior quality bonnet scoops

Form follows function and in the automotive space, important functions often lead to beautiful forms. Bonnet scoops are a fine example of this phenomenon; generally fitted when additional cooling is required, bonnet scoops serve their function while enhancing the appearance of vehicles, adding more style and aggression.

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Popular SUVs added to catch can catalogue.

HPD catch can kit installed on VW Tiguan

We have just released three new products in our ever-growing range of oil-air catch cans, to suit the Volkswagen Tiguan, Hyundai Santa Fe and Mazda CX-5.
The new models expand our catch can lineup to 52, comprising 51 model-specific kits and a universal kit that can be fitted to any turbo-diesel engine.

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Give your 4WD a boost with HPD

Turbochargers are key to the popularity of modern diesel engines, delivering improvements in flexibility, efficiency and capability over naturally aspirated powerplants.

We manufacture a range of direct replacement and normally aspirated to turbo upgrade kits that can safely and reliably deliver significant gains in power, torque and all-round drivability to a range of popular models.

turbo upgrade kit

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An HPD catch can is one of the simplest and most effective accessories you can fit to a turbo-diesel engine.

To meet ever-stricter emissions regulations, manufacturers of diesel engines have used Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), which diverts sooty exhaust gases back into the engine to be burned again, reducing particulate emissions.

catch can air pathway

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